A Pain In The Neck   

I used to suffer from terrible neck aches. All of my so-called stress would gather in the base of the right side of my neck. It felt tight and stiff. It used to drive me crazy. This went on for years.

The only way I could get rid of the tightness was to sleep it off.  I even resorted to a muscle relaxer on occasion. I still sleep with a neck pillow on top of my two regular ones. 

My uncle Ruby gave me his traction equipment to help me stretch my neck. It looked so barbaric. I would hang this heavy metal contraption on the door of my bedroom and put a collar around my neck. Then I would adjust the straps so my neck would be stretched. It felt great and I would love to crack my neck after.

Today, folks who have problems with their neck have a new, modern alternative. It’s called the Neck Hammock. It’s target audience are those with bad posture, headaches, trouble sleeping, and stiff necks.

The Neck Hammock is currently on the  crowdfunding site, Kickstarter.  The copy on the Kickstarter site says, “Neck pain is commonly treated through mechanical cervical traction, a treatment that can be achieved at a physical therapist’s office.  

“Unfortunately, regular physical therapy is not an option for most people – it’s either too expensive or too time consuming. 
“The Neck Hammock was created by a Licensed Physical Therapist who wanted to give people an alternative solution that was: affordable, convenient, and Highly Effective!”

The retail price is $79.00. Read about it on Kickstarter. I hope the results are good for you. 

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