Meet A Famous Tech Product Reviewer 

Lance, his wife Selma, and me, at the CTA Hall of Fame, last week in the Rainbow Room.

I’m not sure the first time I met Lance  Braithwaite, but it had to be over 40 years ago. Most people in the consumer electronics industry hung around Lance because he was extremely knowledgeable about video technology. I always wanted to talk to Lance because he came from Trinidad. 

I never met anyone from Trinidad, but I felt it was some exotic, far away place. I wanted to know more about the island. Lance probably doesn’t remember me questioning him all the time, but I did. He was always patient and forthcoming. 

It was those traits that made Lance one of the most adored experts and technical reviewers in the video business. He was willing to share his knowledge with anyone who asked, and never displayed an elitist attitude.  Lance worked for Video Magazine, Sound & Vision, plus so many others.

The reason I am writing about Lance today is because Wired Magazine just did a profile about his brilliant career. It was written by another industry great guy, Michael Antonoff, a prize-winning freelance technology journalist. 

Being portrayed in Wired Magazine is very prestigious and I am thrilled that I can document it here. Read all about Lance here.  

I have had the pleasure of seeing Lance at several industry functions recently. The last time was a week ago in NYC at the CTA Hall of Fame in the Rainbow Room. Lance was there with his wife Selma, also a writer. The three of us chatted for a while and promised to have dinner the next time Eliot and I were in New York. Eliot took a picture of the three of us. I’m so proud to have it. 






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