Educators Claim Laptops In Classrooms Impede Learning  

Image: New York Times

This is one for the books. College educators are now saying that there is increasing evidence that  students learn less when they are using a laptop or tablet during lectures. 

I was stunned to read this in the New York Times because I have been pretty envious of folks who can take notes on their computers while listening to a discussion, file them in a designated electronics folder, and/or distribute the information to targeted audiences. 

I have always had to do this in several steps, over several hours. Yet, young folks can do all this while the meeting they are listening to is still in progress. Now, educators are claiming that students are not really absorbing the information. I find this very strange considering how many years laptops have been in the classroom environment.

Princeton University and the University of California, Los Angeles, have conducted a number of experiments comparing the scores of students who use laptops versus students who use pen and paper for note-taking.  Both institutions found that the students who used laptops had less understanding of the lectures.

The reasons why are so ridiculous that I urge you to read the New York Times story.

All I know is that I watched a young neighbor takes notes on his iPad during a coop board meeting and before the discussion was over, he accomplished all of the follow-up work. Everything was done on-the-spot. I wish I could do that. 

I would have to go home. look at my notes, and then start attacking the “To Do” list. My young friend was trained very differently. He is far more efficient. It’s difficult to believe that he didn’t hear, absorb, and completely understand all of the facts being discussed. 

You decide after reading the story. 

1 thought on “Educators Claim Laptops In Classrooms Impede Learning  

  1. Thanks Lois, this is true. Like background music if you do not focus then you lose a lot. Sure it is possible to take notes, just like kind of listening but so much is lost it is no surprise they found this out isn’t it?

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