LA40 – “Life After 40” The Power of PR

Lois Whitman-Hess was featured on LA40, an internet video show hosted by Katerina Cozias. Lois along with her husband Eliot Hess, own HWH PR, a leading public relations agency in the U.S., for over 40 years. Their company has represented more emerging technologies than most other agencies in the world. It’s been an exciting life for them.

The show covers: 

1-What is the PR business like these days?
2-What are the new emerging technologies that everyone should know about?
3-How important is social media?
4-Do you like to represent start ups?
5-Is it true that you have authored a daily personal blog called DigiDame for over 5 years and why ?
6-I understand that you have attended every CES show in Las Vegas and how has that impacted your life?
7-How long do you think you will continue working?
8-What exciting things are you working on and what can you share with us? 

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