I Thought Mail-Order Catalogs Were Gone Forever 

Image: Los Angeles Times

Just when I thought that the Internet was wiping out everything that was in print, I find out that hard copy catalogs are in vogue again. I truly never thought we would see those thick picture books again in our mailboxes.  I was wrong. 

I just read in the Los Angeles Times that printed catalogs are re-surfacing again in an effort to combat email fatigue. Many retailers around the country feel there is so much shopping noise online, that they feel they can standout from the crowd if they “choose paper over pixels.”

I find that totally ironic.  I was so happy for retailers that they didn’t have to spend huge sums of money creating and mailing those heavy brochures anymore. Now an increasing number of retailers want to go through the expense once again because they believe it will generate more business. 

Research conducted by the Data & Marketing Assn. and the U.S. Postal Service, revealed that consumers are getting fewer catalogs in the mail, but they are paying more attention to them.

Find out which retailers are resurrecting catalogs by reading the Los Angeles Times story. Click here

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