Air Fair, 2017

Broadway Joe and DigiDame at Art Miami. We walked through the doors and there was joe Namath. He is as gorgeous as ever.

We also bumped into Anne Conaway and Sandy Gross of the audio industry

A Bernar Venet

Art Miami is on the site of where the Miami Herald once resided. Biscayne Bay is so beautiful.

The MacArthur causeway connects Miami Beach to downtown Miami.

The Venetian Causeway to the north.

One of the Knicks

Men in skirts were the talk of the fair.

Legs, legs, legs.

You figure it out

The wheels on the bus go round and round.

This belongs to friends of ours. Big bucks.

A Chuck Close

Serious buyers

Follow the leader

Making a statements.

Unique hairstyles.

The men were fancy dancy.


Made out of newspaper clippings.

The Invisible Man

Wood chips

Not real

Trying to strike up a conversation with a dead man.

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