Facebook For Kids

I know that many DigiDame readers have grandchildren under 10 years of age. That’s why I want to be sure you heard about Messenger Kids, a Facebook app, that was created to let children send friends or family a message, photos, videos, GIFs and stickers.

I’m sure many of you are cringing right now. The last thing you want is to have your precious ones on Facebook. I can’t say I blame you. The truth is that most of you have no control over it. A non-profit media group for children, called Common Sense, claims children eight years old and under, already spend at least 2 ¹/₂ hours on some sort of a screen.

Many of the young children I know are all texting. In my opinion, you can’t compare these youngsters to us when we were that age. They are growing up in the digital age. We did not. It’s a whole different world.

Facebook said that parents have to sign their children up for the app and they have to approve who they talk to. If it’s any consolation, children cannot delete messages. Parents will always be able to check entire conversations.

I guess that’s better than only being able to listen to one half of a telephone conversation.

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