Your Access To The Internet Is Being Threatened

Thank you Alabama, thank you, thank you, thank you !!!!!

Now for the next issue…….

I’m not sure if you totally understand, but this Thursday the FCC may decide to repeal the Obama net neutrality protection.

What does that mean?

It means that the Internet could get very difficult for you to use.

I am rather shocked that many of us have not spoken about this before. The Trump Administration doesn’t want the Internet to be equal for all of us. Net neutrality means that all content on the Internet is the same for everyone. The current administration may want to play favorites.

Obama made sure that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) couldn’t block or slow down content for any of us. Now all kinds of manipulations may take place.

Please google net neutrality to get more information about this situation. Give us your opinion.

Thank you

You can write to your Senator or State Rep.


1 thought on “Your Access To The Internet Is Being Threatened

  1. Lois: JUST to clarify this passionate, but ultimately arcane issue. It was NOT Obama or even Trump administration. NetNeut is an action by the FCC, an independent agency. If anything, i was very disappointed that the Wheeler FCC (which had a decent middleground plan for open Internet in 2014) succumbed to a White House directive to establish the Title II Open Internet policy. ALSO, although the Ken Russell message you posted hits the high points, I found it less credible coming from a political candidate than the SAME message from opponents currently in high office. And finally, as a whimsical look at what happens next: The only thing to know is that REAL ESTATE BROKERS and BUILDERS are salivating as lawyers (from both sides) make plans to buy or expand their homes and vacation properties with the legal fees from the coming years that the latest NN plan will spend in court (much like the 2010 “Open Internet” ruling).

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