The Forward Is Backward

You would think in today’s #metoo world, women would be more supportive of each other. I was surprised to see the article by TV writer Susan Silver (“The Mary Tyler Moore Show,” “The Bob Newhart Show” and “Maude”) in the Forward, a daily newspaper for American Jews, criticizing Amy Sherman-Palladino on her much recognized TV comedy “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.” Sherman-Palladino is also a TV writer and producer. She is known for the Gilmore Girls and the Bunheads.

I am particularly upset with the Forward for publishing Silver’s critique because she said “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” was anti-semitic and the TV show is problematic in tone, writing, directing and acting. Eliot and I just finished watching the Amazon series and we enjoyed every minute of it. A number of friends are recommending the show to each other, and are calling out specific parts because they love the dialog.

I am writing this piece because I want to criticize The Forward for publishing Silver’s article that clearly reeks from jealousy and insecurity. It’s one thing to have one TV writer review another, but it’s really upsetting when they allow someone to stir up anti-semitic accusations. Not once did I feel that the TV series was portraying the Jewish characters as unflattering stereotypes.

I asked my Irish girlfriend if she thought the TV Show was showing Jews in a bad light. She looked at me like I was crazy. While she knew that the TV family was Jewish, she said as far as she was concerned they could have been Italian or Irish, or WASP’s, White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP). Silver is so jealous of Sherman-Palladino’s success that she is starting trouble where there is none.

I asked a Jewish girlfriend who watched the show if she thought Jews were mocked in “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” and her response was the most interesting. “Hell no,” she said. “Most Jews of that time were not wealthy and did not live in the upper west side in large apartments. Nor did they have wardrobes that equaled a fashionista.”

I hope you will watch the series soon and let me know your opinion. Meanwhile, this is how Wikipedia explains the show.

4 thoughts on “The Forward Is Backward

  1. Lois, Judy and I are with you and Eliot 100%. We loved the show and have recommended it to all of our friends. To call it anti-Semitic is rediculous. It truly captures the late 1950’s atmosphere that we grew up in.

  2. wow i just saw your attack on me and my article for the Forward on Mrs. Maisel. I usually don’t respond to vitriol and I made it a special point to say I hate to critique other women, but as a Jew and someone who worked in Holocaust orgs I felt very strong about anti Semitism, as it is on the rise. Other critics have validated my opinion, but regardless, such nastiness was unwarranted …wow you are an angry person.susan silver

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