Star Shower

If you want to jazz up your party, or any festive environment, I just discovered a very inexpensive solution that will put everyone in a celebration mood.

It’s called the Star Shower Slide Show and it projects all kinds of colors and shapes on the walls inside and outside of your house. You can even control the speed of the movement.

All you have to do is choose a slide, insert it into the unit, and watch your surroundings turn into a complete fantasyland. This is prefect for both young and old. Everyone loves a magical environment. This is a true party booster.

• Easy to use

• Water-resistant casing

• 12 holiday slides

• 3 speeds: slow, fast, and freeze

• Indoor base to use Slide Show™ inside

• Safe in snow and rain

• Replaces holiday décor for Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day, birthdays, July 4th, and Halloween

• Covers up to 3200 square feet

• Bright LED Lights

• Includes Star Shower® Slide Show™ (with 12 full-color slides, extra-long outdoors stake, indoor base, and Lifetime Guarantee)

The Star Shower is sold in all kinds of variety stores across the country for approximately $29.85.

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