Someone Saw Me Peeking

I have no proof, but I can swear there is some sort of a mechanism on social media platforms that can tell people that I am snooping on them. From time to time, I like to check out the whereabouts of people I no longer speak to. This can be an old boyfriend, a former client, an ex-friend, or someone on the other side of the political aisle.

I usually just want to see if they are still alive. I check them out once a year, or every other. I’m not in the habit of thinking about them, but when I do, I take a quick trip to their page to see if their status changed.

The other day I went to the Facebook page of a boyfriend from high school. I haven’t visited this particular guy on Facebook in a few years. I quickly saw he retired from his law practice, had a few new grandchildren, and was living two hours north of me. Whew, I probably will never see him again. I really should close the door on that relationship forever.

Not so fast. A few days after I was doing my snooping, I got a notice from LinkedIn asking me if I wanted to see who was checking me out. I freaked. If LinkedIn can track my visitors, so can Facebook. Social media platforms all have the same technology. In theory, if a career networking site can reveal who clicked on my page, so can Facebook. That means that my boyfriend from high school could possibly think I am still pining for him.

“What a revoltin’ development this is”

Be careful where you snoop. The Internet knows your every move.

2 thoughts on “Someone Saw Me Peeking

  1. I know that Linkedin definitely shows who has checked you out but I didn’t think that facebook or google shows who searched for you.

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