Bathroom Virtual Assistants

Many of you will not be going to the bathroom alone anymore. Kohler, the plumbing fixture company, thinks the American public wants to ask virtual assistants to fill up bathtubs, flush toilets, and get showers ready.

I have no idea if this is what you desire, but Kohler Konnect is showing up at CES next week as a cloud service company that can provide the technology for syncing different bathroom gadgets.

The first product we are going to see is a Kohler bathroom mirror that includes speakers and a built-in version of Amazon’s Alexa virtual assistant. The mirror can interact with other fixtures.


People can dictate their wishes to a virtual assistant or a mobile app that the company plans to create very soon.


Judge Philip Bloom Died Thursday Morning

I was so fortunate to meet Judge Philip Bloom when Eliot and I decided to make Miami Beach our second home. I sat next to him at a Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce meeting. He was married to former Florida state Rep. Elaine Bloom. The four of us became good friends. We also became friends with their adult children, Anne and David, and their families.

Philip and Elaine were like royalty in Miami. Everyone knew and loved them. Elaine is presently CEO of Plaza Health Network, a nonprofit founded in 1954 that is the largest nursing home network in Miami-Dade County. You can read about her here.

Judge Bloom was known for his humor and humanity in the courtroom. He was 87. Miami will never be the same without him. Here is his obit.

RIP Philip

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