Back To The Future

I keep going back to CES every year because there is no place on earth where you can see so many innovative products. It gets so overwhelming that you just have to devote quiet time to think about each and every item you encountered.

CES throws a big party for the press two nights before the show opens. It’s called “Unveiled’ because this is the place where new products are unveiled and launched.

The big thrill tonight was seeing Robbie Cabral at Unveiled. Robbie was one of the inventors on a recent episode of Shark Tank. He accepted a $200,000 investment for 15 percent equity of his company from Kevin O’Leary. Robbie invented a lock that you can open with a fingerprint. The company is Benjilock.

More tomorrow.

Robbie (with the hat) and two pals of mine to the right, Robert Heiblim and David Kaplan.

I will present the information on this company in a few days.

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