Good News For Deaf Theater Goers

Photo: Getty Images

My big confession. I miss many words being said on stage during a Broadway, or off-Broadway, theatrical production. Either the words sound muffled, or I can’t hear them at all. I also have trouble with accents. I can miss an entire conversation. I hate it.

I was thrilled to learn that a Tel Aviv-based tech company, called GalaPro, has created an app that will display a live closed-captioning system on my smartphone. Now, I can easily follow the script. No more second guessing what is being said.

All I have to do is download the free app and log onto the specific theater’s wi-fi network. GalaPro will do the rest. The app will automatically sync with the show, and then display the lines and the lyrics.The words will appear in red on a black background so that the glow on my smartphone screen will not bother neighbors.

GalaPro has signed many theaters in New York City and around the United States. This is going to change everything. I hope all theaters take advantage of this technology. Many people with hearing problems will definitely come back to live productions. That’s a good thing.

Read more in NY Post.

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