When Your Cell Phone Doesn’t Work

Rob Reis, creator of Satpaq.

For the last few years, HWH PR, has been helping a client work on a texting technology that will one day be a major feature in smartphones. Called Satpaq, the accessory connects to satellites in the sky so that you will always be able to communicate with others when cells go down. This is a common occurrence during hurricanes, fires. earthquakes, floods, and mudslides.

We also experience dead zones where there are no cell towers in many parts of the world. There are even many places in Silicon Valley and the Hamptons where cells don’t work. The Satpaq is desperately needed to keep you in communication with loved ones or first responders, if you are in trouble.

The creator of SatPaq, Rob Reis, CEO of Higher Ground, visited me in Miami Beach, last Thursday. We spent the day checking out the Satpaq connection from the balcony of my 36th floor condo to the board walk on the first floor of the side of my building. Rob even checked the communications skills of the Satpaq from inside my living room windows. We scored 100 per cent connectivity.

We are almost ready to launch. Bravo!

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