Bios For All Ages

Two years ago, my niece Mara told me that her then five year old was reading biographies. I was immediately fascinated. I love biographies, but it usually takes me weeks, or months, to finish a book. I learned that my grand nephew, Ari, was reading a book in one night, or a few days. I was amazed.

Mara is a librarian so I knew this was something I wanted to know more about. She gave me the information, but I tucked it away someplace and then forgot about it. Two days ago, I was at Books & Books, in Coral Gables, and noticed a section of the children’s area devoted to biographies. I realized I was staring at the biography books Mara told me about.

I know I’m not five years, old but I couldn’t help myself. I bought five books. While they are written very simply, they are filled with facts that I didn’t know about. These books are a quick read for you, and perfect to share with young ones. There are hundreds of them. I plan to read the five I bought, and keep ordering more from Amazon, or make more trips to Books & Books.

I am fascinated by biographies. They teach us so much about life. After I finish each one, I plan to send my copy to any parent or grandparent who expresses an interest in sharing it with a child.

Memo to Mara. Thank you for the heads up. These are terrific. I am so happy you shared this with me.

4 thoughts on “Bios For All Ages

  1. Since February is NATIONAL LIBRARY LOVERS month, may I recommend your public library (which we support vigorously here) as another (1) source for your new reading passion and (2) a place to DONATE your used books after you are finished so that others in your community can benefit (esp. since local public libraries – even in wealthy communities – are suffering budget cuts.)

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