Ordinary People

Just because you’re a major actor and musician, doesn’t mean you want to go to the Oscars. Does that hold true if the picture you starred in has been nominated for the Best Picture of the year? Apparently so.

A group of Twitter folks spotted Michael Shannon at a bar in Chicago during the awards show and posted the sighting immediately. Michael Shannon starred in The Shape of Water.

For better or worse, that’s what social media is all about, instant news. You may not like it, but that’s the way the world works now. Actually, it’s been that way for years. Something tells me you already know that.

I wanted to show you what the tweets looked like when Michael Shannon was spotted. You may feel his privacy was invaded, but this type of breaking news has been going on since the telephone was invented. It’s difficult not to share unusual or special news.

I remember calling friends when Eliot and I spotted Jerry Lewis across the hall from us in a south Florida hotel 40 years ago. We thought we were so special. We just couldn’t keep the news to ourselves. I don’t remember who we called, but we certainly spread the news as fast as we could. Silly young adults.

2 thoughts on “Ordinary People

  1. hilarious but a nice break from the usual twitter leader… and good for him choosing his priorities – am sure if he didn’t want to be seen in public, he could have done that too

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