What, Me Worry?

I’m exhausted.

I don’t know how much I’m going to write tonight because I had a very nerve-racking day.

1-A girl friend in Miami had a double knee replacement.

2-My brother had cataract surgery.

3-The Nor’easter was causing havoc for family and friends.

4-My friend from Manhattan was flying to Miami today so I was tracking her flight.

5-A Miami friend lost her father this week.

6-A former employee is very sick.

It was just a lot to think about for one day.

In other news……..

Be sure to watch my cousin, Dr. Jeff Young, on Katerina Cozias’ talk show today at 2pm east coast time.

He is a sleep doctor so he can answer all of your questions about whatever issue you may have.


Click on the LA40 Show.

Call in questions: 818-570-5085

This is what Katerina’s channel looks when you are on the LA Talk Radio website.

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