Amazon Drones Will Deliver Packages By Human Gestures And Voice Commands

Imagine this.

You are expecting a delivery from Amazon. Alexa, the voice-activated robot, makes an announcement in your living room that your package is about to arrive. You immediately go outside in front of your home and look up to the sky.

You see a drone hovering over. You lift your arms just like an air traffic controller and start directing the drone to land a few feet from where you are standing. As the drone gets closer, you verbally tell it exactly where to land.

You may think this is fiction, but it’s definitely not. Amazon has a patent for a drone that can deliver packages based on its recognition of human gestures and voice commands.

According to Chain Store Age, “The drone features propulsion technology that manages the drone’s speed and trajectory, a sensor, and management system. The management system can be programmed to detect human gestures — both visual and audial — via the sensor, a move that will instruct the drone where to go.”

The trade publication also said that Amazon recently filed a patent application for “ground-based mobile maintenance facilities for unmanned aerial vehicles. The hubs would be dedicated to accommodating, loading, launching, receiving and maintaining the delivery drones.”

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