A Rotating Skyscraper

I just can’t believe that Dubai is actually home to the world’s first rotating skyscraper. One day I have to see it in person.

When I first heard about it from some friends, I think I got a little dizzy. When I read about it in some tech pubs, my heart started to race. If I ever get to see it for real, I hope I have the courage to visit a high floor. While I might be very nervous, I wouldn’t want to miss the experience.

The rotating skyscraper is supposed to be complete in 2020. David Fisher of Dynamic Architecture, created the concept.

Fisher is building an 80-story, 1,273-foot tower in Dubai with floors that can rotate 360 degrees in both directions. Please watch the video. It’s absolutely amazing. Fisher wants to create a building that gives condo owners the opportunity to see sunsets and sunrises. Entire floors rotate.

The building will feature voice-activated technology that allows residents to spin their apartments just by a verbal request. Seventy nine wind turbines placed horizontally between the floors and solar panels on the roof produce the tower’s energy. The central elevator lets residents transport cars to their floor and park them next to their apartment.

Each unit is prefabricated with steel, aluminum and carbon fiber materials. They are assembled at the factory and then attached to the tower.

That scares me. What if it falls off? That is going to be an expensive fall. Units are priced from $4 million to $40 million.

2 thoughts on “A Rotating Skyscraper

  1. This should be interesting.
    Most building have elevator problems this one has more possibles for problems than i can possibly imagine.
    Cant wait to see if it is ever built.

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