Walking Through The Muck In The Everglades National Park

This is one time when you really want cold feet. After walking through the muck in the Everglades National Park for a few hours, the continuous flow of cold water was truly appreciated. It was hot outside. Eleven of us met early this morning to walk through the secret gardens of the Everglades to see what inspired artist Christina Pettersson to create her intricate and life-like nature drawings. Christina is on the top row, far left.

I’m pictured here with Kathryn Mikesell, founder of Fountainhead Studios and the events organizer for the day. Christina is a Fountainhead artist who has been working in the Everglades for several months and is having an exhibition in conjunction with AIRIE (Artists in Residence in Everglades) www.airie.org at Ernest Coe Visitor Center https://www.nps.gov/ever/planyourvisit/coedirections.htm.

Kathryn invited some of her residency artists and members of her foundation (that’s us) to visit the gardens that inspired Christina. It was an amazing expedition because we walked through slog up to our knees. We used walking sticks and stayed pretty close together to lend a helping hand.

John DeFaro, a Miami multidisciplinary artist, is a close friend of ours from New York. His parents lived on our floor in our Manhattan Co-op for over 30 years. His work is collected by many.

I wasn’t really concerned about walking through the muck. Look at the bottom of my pants. I was anxious to do something different. The Everglades were peaceful, fascinating to look at, and timeless. We can all use a little of that.

Christina’s pencil drawings

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