Don’t Say A Word

For some reason, the technologists at MIT, do not think it’s natural for human beings to be speaking out loud to voice assistants.

Instead they want everyone to get what they want by just thinking about it.

MIT is working on a nonverbal device that communicates your demands. I know this sounds like voodoo, but MIT has invented a jaw-mounted device that reads your neuromuscular signals through built-in electrodes.

Now this is scary. The hardware called AlterEgo, can read “words in your head.”

The idea is to meld human and machine.

The IA device, intelligence-augmentation, was trained by 10 techies to read their neurophysiology. A school news release stated,”Once calibrated, the research team was able to get about 92 percent accuracy for commands.”

It’s very possible that one day you will be able to order a pizza from the comfort of your couch without saying a word. You will be surprising the whole family when the doorbell rings.

I guess we are all in for a bunch of surprises in the not so distant future.

TechCrunch covered this development too.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Say A Word

  1. This is so weird and creepy, I don’t like it. :/

    Thank you for always keeping us up to date on the latest technology!

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