A Check Up From The Neck Up—A Must

Image: Jonathan Harvey, New York Post

Pictured here: Jake Carlin, Alex Fisherman, Josh Chostaka and Ian Langan of the Cavallini Middle School in New Jersey created Head Safe.

In the last few years, I keep hearing stories about senior friends who have suffered head injuries and don’t seek medical help. Some slipped in the snow while others fell off ladders. If these folks didn’t experience bleeding, or lose consciousness, they assumed they were just fine and continued their normal activities.

Fast forward a few months later. Several friends experienced vertigo, headaches, double vision, and severe neck pain. Thankfully, no one died. Actress Natasha Richardson was not as lucky. She died in 2008, after a severe head injury in a skiing accident in Montreal. She refused immediate medical help.

The lesson here is that you must get checked out immediately. At least student football players all over the United States are becoming increasingly aware of the dangers of head injuries. That’s why four New Jersey eighth-graders developed a device that can immediately detect serious brain injuries.

Samsung, headquartered close to the Cavallini Middle School, awarded $150,000 to the students as part of a technology contest.

Called Head Safe, a sensor is inserted inside a football helmet and “uses an accelerometer that detects a possible concussion based on the force of the impact. The data is then sent via Bluetooth to an app which alerts coaches, and other team members, that a serious injury might have taken place. The sensor calculates linear acceleration and also records vibration and shock.”

That is so amazing. The goal is to bring Head Safe to market. I’m available to help.

The New York Post was the first to report about Head Safe. Read it here.

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