New Google Maps Updates

I’m always amazed how well Google works. We set our destination when we get in the car, and the Google voice gives us precise directions. Even when we make a mistake, Google corrects us. Occasionally, Google takes the long way to where we are going, but that doesn’t happen too often.


Now, I just found out that Google Maps will be adding several “exploration features” that many other companies tried to develop but were never accomplished. No doubt, Google will make it work.


One of the new upgrades is recommendations when you arrive in a new neighborhood or city. Right now we use Trip Advisor for local suggestions, so it’s going to be very interesting to see what Google has to say.


Another upgrade is restaurant recommendations. All the new “trending” restaurants will be listed, as well as others in the same food and price category. The recommendations will also stress seasonal establishments like ice cream parlors, or outdoor restaurants.


Artificial intelligence will also help identify places you will like because of past preferences. If you liked a certain group of places in the past, Google Maps will figure out similar tastes. The book and fashion industry already do that, so Google should have no trouble making suggestions. We will take them all.

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