Temple Emanuel Features A Legend

I’m not sure how I found out that 91 year old Mel Brooks was going to be performing at Temple Emanuel in New York City tonight. I’m glad I did, because it was like watching a lifelong friend reminisce about years that you spent together.

Eliot and I flew from Miami Beach to NYC this morning because we have several events taking place this week. We made sure we were in Manhattan early today because we absolutely wanted to see Mel Books in his golden age.

Our friend Steve Greenberg joined us for what will be one of Mel’s final gigs in the next few years. The main takeaway was that working and performing well into your ’90s helps keep you sharp and focused.

Two thousand people showed up to pay tribute to one of the most talented people in Hollywood. The forum of a very reformed temple was just the most perfect setting for Mel Brooks to tell Jewish shtick from his 60-plus years in comedy.

Someone from the audience asked him if he wore briefs or jockeys. He responded, “It depends.” (The adult diaper). The audience went wild. Several times during the night the audience broke out into thunderous applausez, and finally at the end, he received a much deserved and loving standing ovation.

Mel Brooks was totally alert and profound on stage. It was amazing to watch him because he didn’t skip a beat, or miss an opportunity, to make fun of himself. All photos and videos by Steve Greenberg.

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