Underwater Photos From Galapagos

From the minute my cousin Jeff Young, from Sherman Oaks, California, found out that Eliot and I were going to the Galapagos, he urged us to buy an under water camera. We did and the photos below are the results of being capable to snorkel and capture life under the sea that few of us ever see.

Eliot was disappointed with his first attempt because it was difficult to shoot the fish swimming by. Eliot is going to try video next time. We saw the video one of the naturalists took and it made a major difference.

In any case, we want to thank cousin Jeff for the camera recommendation and for the books he sent us on Charles Darwin, and pamphlets that showed us what birds to look for. That made a big difference in our trip. After all, what do city kids know about the Lava Heron, Doves, Rails, Flycatchers, and Mockingbirds? Thank you Jeff!

3 thoughts on “Underwater Photos From Galapagos

  1. Wow! Cool Pics! And a DigiDame shout-out for little ‘ol me!

    Actually Eliot was perched and ready to get an underwater camera — I can’t take credit for that. He just sought my advice (as if he really needed it) because I have one. Then came the accessories and the books — that I can take credit for. I like sending stuff to peoples and having them get all excited and the like. I’m glad it was useful.

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