Happy Mother’s Day

My parents are pictured to the right. My aunt and uncle are to the left. I have shown this picture before in DigiDame. It’s one of my favorites. It means so much to me. The four of them were very close. I hope they have each other in the afterlife. We love and miss them all so much. Happy Mother’s Day to everyone.

Leggo my Eggo


Embarrassing to admit, but I get breakfast in bed everyday. It’s usually comprised of two rice cakes with low sugar jelly, coffee with half and half, and brown sugar.

I’m not an egg person, but if I were, I would want the “LEGO Breakfast Machine.” It can fry bacon, crack eggs and scramble them. Yum.

It was created by a financial company called The Brick Wall. The video demonstrates a couple of different egg combination. Go for it.

6 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. So what your saying is Eliot brings you breakfast in bed every morning? That man is definitely a keeper. Happy Mother’s Day good buddy.

  2. Happy Mother’s Day, Lois. I miss Syd, as much as you miss Ruth…….Now that we are both 70, don’t you feel like we are now becoming our moms? Getting aches and pains that they had?
    It’s an eerie feeling.

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