Your Sleep Position Tells A Lot About You

In the last few years, Eliot and I spend more time in hotel beds than we do in our own. I have thought a lot about the position I use to get a good night sleep. I don’t think I need to describe my pose, but I did make a conscious decision a few years ago to give myself great comfort when I hit the pillow.

I personally want to separate myself from the world when I fall asleep, so the pillow and sheets I use partially block me from seeing anything in the room. I just concentrate on myself and things that make me happy. Eliot falls asleep in five seconds, I take five minutes. There must be something to our madness.

WebMD recently contacted me for the story below to give them some input about my sleep habits. I’m not sure they used any information I offered. They spelled out the story in pictures. I hope that this story can help some of you achieve better zzzzzzz.


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