It’s Getting Late

Eliot and I, along with our friends. Myra and Gary, went to see this movie last Saturday night in Miami. It wasn’t a great movie but it was an important one.

It reminded all of us to stop postponing our joy. I also think if that means getting out of your comfort zone, do it. We are on a Riverboat on the Seine with a 100 people who are mostly 60 plus. There are a few younger ones, but 95 per cent are our age.

I can’t believe some of the things I heard many of these seniors do.

1-Bike tours that target 30 plus miles a day.

2-Volunteer work in the poorest areas of Mexico.

3-Chaperones on local school tours.

4-Hiking trips around the world.

5-Securing jobs as virtual assistants.

6-Docents at neighborhood museums.

It just has been two days and I am amazed at the stories I have heard. I feel like this can be the start of some new adventures. It’s time to shake things up.

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