Visiting Honfleur

We visited Honfleur today, a city in northern France’s Normandy region. It’s where the Seine river meets the English Channel. The Vieux-Bassin (old harbor), lined with 16th- to 18th-century townhouses, has been a subject for artists including Claude Monet and Eugène Boudin. The town is also known for its caramel. Yes, we ate a few.

The last two photos were taken in a nearby town. We hiked about 1000 feet up to see the beach below. The backs of my legs are aching tonight, but I can see how hiking can become a passion if you are in good shape. I was huffing and puffing but I made it.

Enjoy the photos.

5 thoughts on “Visiting Honfleur

  1. Stuart flew there for lunch last week when Sal was staying. Shame we didn’t know you were coming to France. Love to you both! Have fun.

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