Normandy American Cemetery And Memorial

We spent the day paying tribute to our fallen soldiers. Omaha Beach, Normandy, France. Our river cruise, AmaWaterways, always plans a stop visiting Omaha Beach, Normandy, France on Memorial Day weekend.

It was upsetting to realize what happened on these beaches 74 years ago. Today, it is a seaside resort like any other ocean, vacation spot around the world. Life moves on no matter who gets hurt. Eliot and I spent time visiting about 50 of the 147 Jewish soldiers that died. Approximately 10,000 soldiers were killed.

I could only capture some of the Jewish headstones. It will be interesting to see if any DigiDame reader actually knows someone posted here. Not likely.

7 thoughts on “Normandy American Cemetery And Memorial

  1. They are the many who sacrificed themselves so that we could live free. When I see these stones, I think of Irv Shaw and Freddie Krieger and Willie Schneider and Harry Katz. Their compatriots who lived and were able to lead the lives these men weren’t able to live.

  2. Nice Lois! Did you put a stone on each one you visited? My Christian friend Grace takes me to the cemetery every year in New Jersey to visit my parents and brother. She now puts stones on her relative’s graves after seeing me to it for years. She loves the tradition that shows they had visitors!

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