Smart Toilet Paper Could Save Your Life

The next time you wipe yourself after doing your bathroom business, you might be holding some new clues about the future of your health. A number of companies are developing smart toilet paper that could possibly predict or detect more diseases than ever before.

The first one that just made news was announced by British scientists who said smart toilet paper could help fight obesity. Researchers said smart toilet paper is helping them understand the biological processes that create fat around the waist, better known as pot bellies.

The information was published in Nature Genetics. “It identifies the series of actions in the gut that fuel the build-up of fat around the waist. Fecal metabolome is a method that shows how the gut drives these processes and distributes fat.”

Doctors said that under the microscope, the stool samples revealed signs, or biomarkers, of internal fat around the waist.

Expect to be reading more about smart toilet paper and the diseases researchers can identify in the near future. Click here to read the Newsweek story.


We Went From A Riverboat With A View Of The Seine This Week ….

To Our Hotel With This View This Afternoon. Eiffel Tower To The Left.

I have to say I loved being that close to the water. We had three huge windows that were just inches higher than the Seine for a week. I could easily see the water from every angle in the room. I felt like I was floating on water all the time. Very dreamy.

2 thoughts on “Smart Toilet Paper Could Save Your Life

  1. The TP invention is promising. I’m sure it has potential to detect more diseases. We like to believe that the reality of our bathroom business doesn’t exist, but in actual fact, our BMs tell the story of our health! We should get over it, and pay attention!

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