My Parisian Street Art

When I leave Paris this Wednesday to return to Miami Beach, my face and my accessories (Chanel bag, HandL phone case, diamond ring) will be plastered on several walls in the Le Marais section of the city. I was super imposed on a copy of the Mona Lisa painting thanks to my friend Bob Risse who is a street art aficionado.

Bob is exploring ways to get involved in the street art world. You may think the art looks like graffiti, but many art pieces you see on the streets, end up in famous art galleries and museums. Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Mr. Brainwash, are among the street artists who are known worldwide and have sold works for millions of dollars.

Bob, now known as Radio Robb, has sublet his apartments in Paris and Miami Beach, and will be touring the world over the next few years with his life partner Alfonso. They will be in search of the next phase of their lives. Bob sold his tech business 25 years ago, and has been involved in real estate and art ever since.

Bob plans to paste many of his large multi-media, avant-guard photos on walls everywhere. Many companies with blank walls welcome art work because it draws crowds. Street art work is either painted, drawn, or pasted on walls. Some art work disappears immediately, others stay for weeks and months.

Radio Robb gifted me some wall space in Paris because we always collaborate together. It was a complete surprise and I thank him for it. Eliot and I spent three fabulous days with Radio Robb in Paris and hope to meet up with him and Alfonso again soon. We wish them safe travels and good health.

7 thoughts on “My Parisian Street Art

  1. Spectacular and you look beyond fabulous. Now we have another reason to go to Paris. Love, love, love it.

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