Do Video Games Encourage Violence?

Image: PSU.EDU

I am curious about your reaction to a video game that almost made it to the marketplace. It’s called “Active Shooter,” and the player is either a SWAT officer, or a gunman terrorizing civilians and police.

I just don’t understand how any company could manufacture such a product, or how any sane person could buy such a game. I don’t know how some folks can’t see a connection between video games that explain how murders take place, and real acts of violence.

I am mystified. I get into heated debates with others about anything to do with guns. I get furious when someone says “Guns don’t kill, people do.”

I wonder why any parent, or grandparent, would allow guns to be in the vicinity of any child. I also don’t know why any adult would take a chance on the fact that some crazy accident couldn’t possibly take place. Why put a child in that position?

Watch this news clip about the video game that goes against everything I believe in.

You can also read a Washington Post story on this subject. Click here.

3 thoughts on “Do Video Games Encourage Violence?

  1. Why do most of your posts come out in light-faced ALL CAPS? Hard to read!!! I’m guessing it’s the ones you post from “another” device. But it doesn’t make me mad enough to get a gun! BTW: the NRA (and its friends) message is revolting.

  2. Beyond horrendous and I agree playing violent video games absolutely contributes to violence. Can completely densities a person from reality.

  3. I’ve always believed that video games encourage violence. But violent TV shows do that too. It’s disturbing, but I’m afraid it will never be reversed, as someone once said, ‘you can’t put the toothpaste back into the tube’.

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