Isn’t This Adorable?

There is something about this houseboat that is calling my name. I just love the look of it. It’s available in two different styles. It would be so nice to have a houseboat that’s not too big to manipulate, yet comfortable enough for sleepovers.

I live right next to a marina. I see boats all the time. I’m not really interested in fast or fancy ones. I would just like a comfortable houseboat to float around in and spend some time on the water, especially overnight. It could be a great inexpensive second home.

The Le Koroc three-float pontoon houseboat is priced around $61,000 and is from a Quebec design firm called Daigno. It’s considered a tiny houseboat.

At 5,640 pounds, the Le Koroc is light enough to tow with a medium-sized pickup truck or SUV. It’s also said to be easy to move on land. It measures 26-foot long by 8-foot 6-inch wide.

Read more about the details of this tiny houseboat in Digital Trends. Click here.

Let me know if you are thinking of buying one.

Be sure to watch the above video for a complete demonstration.

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