Meet The Press, Our Style

If you were anywhere near this crazy foursome last night in North Beach, Miami, you would have heard a loud and lively conversation about how our smart TV’s are now screening everything we watch, and then sharing that information with our other Internet devices. We are now being monitored from our TV sets, cell phones, iPads, virtual assistants and other smart appliances.

The reason? To help advertisers identify exactly who we are and precisely what we would like to buy.

Meredith Stark (L), a former CBS TV executive, was the first to mention a story she read in the New York Times yesterday morning that talked about how a company, called Samba TV, was tracking 13.5 million TVs. Samba funding was provided by Time Warner, Liberty Global and Mark Cuban.

Regulators and privacy groups are outraged about how we are being targeted, manipulated and judged by the shows we watch. Meanwhile, this practice marches on. I must say some folks like being targeted because they get what they want faster. Others are scared that their every move is being captured.

Which one are you? We all had mixed opinions even though we all agreed that we are being controlled more and more. That could lead to some very strange times ahead.

Read the story in the New York Times.

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