We Can Make You Famous

We are starting a new project, so I thought you should know about it.

We created an Internet talk show with TV personality Katerina Cozias that will be distributed to over 15,000 members of the press in tech, art, business, fashion, beauty, music, health care, politics, children, sports, on and on. You name a category, we have it.

Katerina already has a very successful talk show called LA 40 so we asked her to partner with us. Her studio is in Sherman Oaks, CA.

We can interview anyone via Skype for a 30-minute show that allows you to explain whatever it is that you want to introduce or discuss. It could be a new book, product, fashion design, art piece, invention, anything at all. We will help you zero in on what you should say in order to get editorial coverage. We will help you achieve a strong message.

Please check out a few of our recent talk shows so you can see exactly how you will be promoted. After you view the videos, give me a call so we can see how we can work together.

•          LA40 Talk Show:  Philanthropist, Kevin Reed https://bit.ly/2m4qkur

•          LA40 Talk Show:  Author Interview, Susan Nefzger https://bit.ly/2m3kpWg

•          LA40 Talk Show:  Author Interview, Gary Rahman https://bit.ly/2L5uNYu

Remember, our PR agency, HWH PR, has been one of the most successful marketing companies in the tech business. We have introduced more emerging technologies than anyone else. We have attended every CES since its inception and have represented many of the big names in the business including Samsung for 17 years, Sony, Casio, DuPont, HBO, Philips, Waterpik, Random House, Westinghouse, and Panasonic. We know how to get results.

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