Welcome To The Fan Club

I have a big surprise for people who own ceiling fans. I’m sure only a few of you know about this, so spread the word.

Most of you think that your ceiling fan only has three speeds, plus on and off. You also think a ceiling fan is only to keep you cool.

The interesting news is that your ceiling fan is really meant to rotate in the opposite direction as wel, depending on the time of year. There is a way to make you feel warmer in the winter, and cooler in the summer.

Take a good look at your fan. Look closer. There is a switch below the blades. It’s on the fan’s motor. First turn the fan off. Flip the switch, and then turn the fan on again. Watch the blades reverse themselves.

If you want to be cooler, make the blades go counter-clockwise. The airflow will blow directly on you.

In the winter, you want the fan to rotate clockwise. This will pull the air up instead of pushing cool air down. The warm air will rise making you feel cozier.

It’s that simple. Let me know if this tip works for you. I learned about it from CNET. Click here.


6 thoughts on “Welcome To The Fan Club

  1. There is only one problem. Most ceiling fans are so high that one is not able to reach the switch to reverse it. So what does one do, I guess get a high ladder?

  2. With registers practically next to the ceiling dispensing AC or heat depending on the season, even with the vents aimed for dispersing, I would think the need would almost always be to direct the air downward — especially since warm air ordinarily rises. I don’t have ceiling fans but have considered getting them.

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