The Country’s Biggest Meet-Up Now Says No Meat

You may have heard about this already because it’s been all over the news, but I thought I would bring it up anyway.

WeWork, one of the most popular start-up co-working companies, will no longer allow 6,000 employees to expense meat. That means if WeWork employees eat a meal that gets charged back to the company, they will not get reimbursed for meat.

WeWork is one of the most successful startups in recent years. It’s valued at $20 billion, and has approximately 200,000 members, in 200 locations around the world. People who need a place to work, rent office space on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

WeWork also announced it will no longer serve meat at company events. The move is all about showing that WeWork is environmentally responsible. In a letter to employees, co-founder Miguel McKelvey said, “New research indicates that avoiding meat is one of the biggest things an individual can do to reduce their personal environmental impact, even more than switching to a hybrid car.

“In just three days, we estimate that we can save more than 10,000 animals. We are energized by this opportunity to leave a better world for future generations and appreciate your partnership as we continue the journey.”

When I first heard about this new mandate, I thought it was crazy. I’m still not sure that I like a company dictating what people eat. The next thing we know, WeWork will not accept folks who wear leather. I like the idea of reducing our carbon footprint, but I question companies dictating lifestyle choices.

4 thoughts on “The Country’s Biggest Meet-Up Now Says No Meat

  1. I rarely eat red meat; but this can have a devastating impact on the meat industry, cattle growers, leather manufacturers, and other by-products. Making this kind of an announcement will have a ripple effect that isn’t immediately apparent but will create long-term harm. I think most people are environmentally responsible and make their own choices. This seems a bit dictatorial. Just my opinon.

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