Artificial Intelligence Enters The Art World

A new era is about to dawn in the art world. Christie’s Prints and Multiples will be auctioning a series of paintings next month that were actually created by artificial intelligence.

The first piece will be a portrait of a fictional man named Edmond De Belamy. The other 11 portraits will feature members of the so called De Belamy family.

Christie’s said The De Belamy portraits were conceived by a group of artists called Obvious and the algorithm was created by Generative Adversarial Networks, also known as GANs.

The portrait of Edmond De Belamy could sell for $7,000 to $11,500. It’s going to be very interesting to see the reaction of folks attending the auction. Who will be the first person to make the AI purchase?

Read more about the auction in Engadget.

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2 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence Enters The Art World

  1. Actually, this is not good news for artists, musicians, anyone who works creatively. I’m beginning to get upset at how callously the tech world is invading every part of human endeavor. What will be left for people to do?

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