Free International Calls

Spread the word. The next time you go to a hotel, ask to speak to the management. Tell them one of the best amenities they can give a guest is the free Travel Buddy from Handy.

I just found out about it when we check into Randall’s Court, Killarney, Ireland. All of the hotels rooms have a Travel Buddy smartphone. As long as you are a guest in the hotel, you get to use the international cell for free. You can call anywhere in the world, and for as many times as you want/need to. You can also make free local calls. If you are out-and -about, you now have the ability to call folks nearby.

I thought this was a bit generous so I questioned the the hotel staff. The concierge told me that they heard about the service from a hotel in Hong Kong, and decided that they wanted to offer it too. Since they started the service a year ago, hotel reservations have dramatically increased.

The Travel Buddy by Handy also offers guests navigation maps so they can learn how to walk around the neighborhood without getting lost, and a list of local restaurants, retail stores, events, hospitals, Churches/Synagogues, gas stations, etc.

The guests in my hotel love the Travel Buddy by Handy because they can call home for free. That is a huge bonus for people who travel without international telephone plans.

The only way to get more and more hotels to feature the Travel Buddy by Handy is to keep educating everyone in the hospitality business. Tell them to visit for further details.

The video explains more.

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