New York City’s Most Unbelievable Restaurant—Manhatta

I thought after living in Manhattan for over 40 years, nothing could impress me. That was the case until last night. Whitney and Fredrick arranged for all of us to celebrate Eliot’s birthday at Manhatta, Danny Meyer’s newest restaurant on the 60th floor of 28 Liberty St., formerly the Chase Manhattan office building.

It just took our breath away. We have all seen the sights from the World Trade Center, but that was nothing compared to this 360 degree advantage point. It’s just the right height to see every detail of what a map of the city looks like in real life. You see all airports, bridges, rivers, highways, roads, and every major building NYC is known for.

The food doesn’t take second place to the view. Every dish was remarkable, and much different from what you have ever experienced. Our BFF, Bonnie, was amazed about how delicious each course tasted. The service was also impeccable and the decor was in excellent classic design. By now you must be questioning the prices. All I can say is that it was extremely reasonable. No tipping allowed. That was tough to deal with because you always want to show your appreciation.

Trust me, when I tell you that this is an experience you don’t want to miss. A big thank you to Whitney and Fredrick for discovering this restaurant and nailing the reservation.

And a big happy birthday to Eliot who went home totally exhausted from eating one of the best meals ever, and snapping away more photos in an evening than most people take on a vacation. The photos posted here were taken on an iPhone by Whitney and Lois. Tomorrow we will get to see Eliot’s photographic eye.

5 thoughts on “New York City’s Most Unbelievable Restaurant—Manhatta

  1. Sounds amazing! One question: How was the service? We and several of our friends have had problems with service at Union Square Cafe, which also has the no tipping policy.

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