Looking Back On Our Lives

It’s probably my age, but I love listening to podcasts where baby boomers, or even older people, reflect on their lives. I find out that many of us, rich or poor, famous or unknown, all end up trying to figure out what our lives were all about.

Alec Baldwin, the actor you know so well from his portrayals of Trump on Saturday Night Live, (he desperately wants to be remembered for more serious roles), hosts a podcast called, “Here’s The Thing.” He interviewed Jenn Wenner, the founder of Rolling Stone Magazine, just before he sold it last February. I just got around to listening to the interview now.

I wanted to share it with you because it talks about the music we grew up on and how that stays our favorite forever. Most of the interview focuses on his ownership of Rolling Stone, what it was like knowing so many rock stars, and why he decided to start a second family in his 60’s.

Click here to listen to the podcast. (The podcast starts with a quick commercial, then you will hear Alec introducing the interview.)

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