Tango Your Worries Away

I must have been a tango dancer in some other life because when I see it being performed, I feel very special. The dancers seem like they are under the spell of some magic potion. Their concentration level is so focused that you wonder if they are really alive and can converse.

We were so lucky tonight because we caught a group of tango dancers on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. The music was blasting and a crowd was watching eight couples perform some of the most magnificent moves you have ever seen.

We found out that tango events take place all over Miami every night. All you have to do is Google “tango” to find a performance near you. Lincoln Road is the chosen spot on the last Wednesday of every month. Free tango classes from 6 to 7pm and then the professionals take over.

I encourage you to find tango events in your city. They have them inside and out, depending on the weather. You become so mesmerized by the dancers, you never think of checking your email, or Facebook. Other than video taping and taking photos, cell phones are put away. This is such a great off-the-screen activity, especially for seniors who want “calm” in their lives.



We recently had an Israeli client who was a tango dancer. He and his wife have been taking lessons for 10 years. He told me they are still learning and it was better than sex. There must be something to it because last January, when I met up with him in Las Vegas, at CES, he was going out every night to tango. I asked him if his wife knew what he was doing? He then turned on his phone to show me photos of his wife in the arms of another man. She was out doing the tango in Tel Aviv every night too. I guess they are to be admired. Our choice of activity is watching Netflix.

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