Silent Broadcasting

There is a new trend in TV news broadcasting that is going to make you shake your head in disbelief. Even though I am showing you FOX examples, this is true for a few networks.

TV networks are now producing news segments without any hosts. That means no talking, no live spokespeople, and no narrators. Seems crazy? Let me tell you why.

The younger generation watches the news on their electronic devices without any sound. They usually hang out in areas where they can’t hear anything anyway (school cafeteria, gym, the train), so they just watch TV in silence. There are times when they can access closed-captioning, or some kind of corresponding texts.

If they can’t, it doesn’t phase them a bit. They just watch the news in silence. Some of the most observant TV news executives decided to capitalize on this new development. They are now producing news segments with text captioning, and no verbal explanation. No need for human presence on the screen. This new format saves money and gives the kids what they want.

Click on the links below to see actual examples.

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