YouTube Cut Me Off

I love digitally recording (taping) TV shows, news and features, and sharing them with others. I usually have no problem copying a show off the TV and then transferring the video to YouTube. Then I post the YouTube on social media platforms and DigiDame.

Today I got a big surprise. NBC blocked me. I wanted to share the ever-important #metoo segment on “Meet The Press.” I recorded the seven minute news piece because it clarified what the whole movement is about. Tarana Burke and Alyssa Milano, #metoo originators, gave heartfelt explanations of what they, and women, everywhere, hope to accomplish.

I spent an hour trying to get YouTube to accept my video so I can properly post it here. No luck. NBC finally stopped me. The video posted here comes straight from my camera roll. I hope my raw video works.

Please watch the video. I feel it’s a piece of history that should never be forgotten.

I emailed Meet the Press host Chuck Todd. I asked him to make sure NBC posts the #metoo segment on YouTube so we can all have a professional copy. They posted most of the other segments from this morning. Why did they omit this one?

3 thoughts on “YouTube Cut Me Off

  1. “Taped”??? Oh, you mean “digitally recorded”!! We wordsmiths must watch our legacy language. “Dial” my phone number on your rotary phone if you want to chat about it. PS: yes an important segment.

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