Cesar Sayoc Jr. Is Our Friend’s Neighbor

Lee and Ray Elman

In the middle of all this craziness about someone sending out packages containing explosive devices to high profile liberals, Eliot and I received an urgent email today from our friends who live in Aventura, Florida, that said, “Are you sitting down?”

It turns out that Cesar Sayoc Jr., the suspected Florida mail bomber, lives in the next building to our pals, Lee and Ray Elman.

Ray is the Founding Editor In Chief, Inspicio, an art magazine. Lee works for the special events company called Biz Bash.

Ray said, “I left my apartment garage this afternoon (to pick up a book written by someone I’m interviewing during the Miami Book Fair) and discovered that there are cops and reporters all around our property. Cesar Sayoc Jr, the pipe bomber, lives in our sister building on Biscayne Cove. I somehow don’t think he parked his sticker-covered white ‘hail Trump and target enemies’ van in our garage.”

Here is Lee’s iPhone video of the throng: https://youtu.be/7xHMs_V8ze0

Ray added, “We were watching NBC Evening News tonight, when suddenly broadcaster Kerry Sanders, appeared in front of our building.

See: https://youtu.be/XMLpF9NJYj8.

“So Lee and I ran downstairs and chatted with Kerry. I invited Kerry up for a drink, but he was pooped.”

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