Christine Lahti Gives A Tony Award Winning Performance

This is one of the most important and riveting plays ever produced. Eliot and I (HWH PR) will buy a ticket for any woman who voted for Trump, or simply can not afford one on their own. Women need to stop worrying about if their shoes match their purse, and start focusing on how this administration wants to set us back to the Donna Reed era.

This is a special message to some of my ex girl friends who are not for gun control—understand that most multiple killings with guns are done by white men who need to regain what they feel is a loss of control over their lives. Go see Gloria. You owe it to the future women of America.

Say hello to Iris Apfel and Andy Warhol. Mention our name, Lois and Eliot Hess, for the best prices ever. 61st and Second. Ask for Roman.

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