We Arrived In Cairo

We talked about this trip for months, and we finally did it. I was slightly nervous about coming here, but so far everyone has been solicitous and very accommodating. It’s so nice when people are good to each other.

We are staying at the exquisite Cairo Marriott Hotel, one of tallest buildings in Cairo. We can see the Nile River from our room. The Marriott opened in 1983, but the central wing was built as the Gezirah Palace for the Khedive Isma’il Pasha in 1869 and converted to a luxury hotel in 1894.

It was a nine hour airplane ride here but when you have a lot of writing to do for work, it goes fast. I really should write a book about traveling the world and still dedicating myself to work. My cell phone works, I get my emails even when I am not on WiFi territory, and I never miss every deadline without fail. I can wheel and deal and network from Cairo just like I do when I’m home. This virtual world of doing business is a wonderful gift, just as long as you are organized disciplined.

Tomorrow we ride camels. Good luck to me.

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