Climbing the Cheops Pyramid

I must have been out of my mind. How does someone go from being a couch potato, to a mountain climber? I have no idea, but I did it. Our tour leader told us you can’t visit the Pyramids without climbing to the top inside rooms.

I thought it wouldn’t be too bad. Wrong! It turned out to be steep, slippery ancient steps in a dark sauna. I was scared to death but big boobs help soften the blow. Without Eliot and Steve holding me on either side (the boobs), I wouldn’t have made it.

Photos by Steve.

If that was not tough enough, riding a camel on rocks, in the dessert, really made by heart beat more than three times as fast as it normally does. I’m glad I did it, and I’m glad it’s over.


Once in Morocco, and now in Egypt. Heart beat to 189. Only for a DigiDame post

8 thoughts on “Climbing the Cheops Pyramid

  1. Leave it to you Lois to do something like this….AMAZING!!!!! My Mom would have loved to have seen these photos. Love following your travels. Stay safe and enjoy……Arlene

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